What is a video book?

A video book is a version of our PDF books in video format. Students and teachers can watch the video of each levelled book by streaming it online. They can listen to the book being read aloud as the pages turn themselves, and follow a visual cue on the screen to match what they hear with the exact text on the screen. Teachers can also print all the books to make a classroom library.

If a student forgets to bring a book home, they can still login to the classroom account and read/listen to the same book online in video format.

If a student (or the parent!) isn’t sure how to pronounce a certain word, they can stream the video book to hear it being read aloud in French. A visual cue on the screen will help them know exactly what words they are hearing.

All levelled books come in PDF (for teachers to print) as well as video format and students can log in from both school and home to read in French anytime.

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