How To Make A Book

The following instructions are for our Format 1 books, as Format 2 is meant for the booklet function of a photocopier.

Once you have made one book, you will see how easy it is to make many.  From printed pages, you should be able to make each book in well under a minute.

We also have a video demonstration.

Assembling a book:

  1. Print all pages.
  2. Fold all pages down the middle, with text /illustrations on the outside
    (tip: fold all pages together once entire book is printed).
  3. Remove cover page and put to the side.
  4. Separate all other pages (keeping them folded with fold on the right side and page ends on left side) and put these folded pages in proper order, starting with the first sheet of folded paper (inside cover page on front, page 1 on back) and ending with the last sheet of paper (last book page on front, vocabulary list on back).
  5. Once stack of folded pages are in order, place them all together inside book cover page (folded sides out and page ends inside).
  6. Staple through book cover into page ends (3 or 4 staples).

All done! If you are going to be printing in colour, we recommend laminating the cover page before stapling them together. The come out extremely sturdy and last for years.