Describe the books, levels and series

There are 18 levels of books, starting with level ANANAS and ending with level ROSE DES VENTS. Each level is in alphabetical order (Ananas, Bateau, Canard, etc…)

There is also a series of math books, a Livres à Compléter series of books for the youngest learners as well as a vocabulary series.

All of the books in the 18 levels are available to the teacher in PDF format as well as video format. With a license, a teacher’s students can access the books in video format from both school and home. As they stream the video books, students can listen to the book being read and follow a visual cue on the screen to match what they hear with the text on the screen.

Many of the books in the 18 levels include a handout as well. When you preview a book that has a handout, you will see in the book description that a handouts available.


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