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New books and video-books

We have added the following in both PDF and video-book formats:

Série Canard:
– Jérome le fantôme
– Oh, non!
– Un biscuit
– Je me cache
– Les abeilles

Série Dauphin:
– Se brosser les dents
– Les abeilles

Série Échelle:
– Cache-cache
– L’abeille

Série Fourmi:
– Les chiens

Série Hibou:
– Les abeilles

Série Jumelles:
– Les abeilles

Série Moto:
– Les abeilles

Série Quilles:
– Les abeilles

Série Livres à compléter:
– Grand et petit (lettre L)
– Combien de lamas? (lettre L)
– Les livres
– Mes suites
– Les suites
– La lettre F
– La lettre F
– F (fa, fe, fi, fo, fu)
– Les couleurs (lettre F)

We now have over 400 books, with a huge additional resource coming later this year!


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New resources!


We have just made available the following books for download:

-Les Actions
-De la viande
-Les dents
-Qui a faim?
-La lettre e (with accompanying handouts)
-La lettre è (with accompanying handouts)

-En hiver


-J’aime la neige


-Au restaurant


Livres À Compléter:
-Mon tigre
-Un serpent
-La souris
-Le serpent et la souris
-Combien de souris?
-Sa se si so su
-Ta te ti to tu
-Ma me mi mo mu
-La le li lo lu
-Le soleil
-Ma tête
-Ma bouche
-Dans mon jardin
-Combien de tortues?
-Combien de maisons?
-Grande et petite

Merci et bonne lecture!
More to come soon!

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Can't Login? Please Empty Browser Cache

Some of our users are reporting they can’t login since updates were performed to our system. Please be sure to:

1. Use either of these browsers; Google Chrome or Safari

2. Empty your browser cache. For more info on browser caches and resetting browsers:

3. If you’re still having troubles, please let us know!

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18 levels of books !

It’s been a very busy summer. We have prepared many new resources for the coming year! We now have 18 levels of French books, listed alphabetically:

Rose des vents

There are many new books throughout the 18 levels! We have also increased the letter size and word spacing in most of our existing books.

Learn more about our books and read our recommendations for grade level here.

Also note that our books are now available in two different formats. If your photocopier is able to fold and staple into a booklet you will be able to use FORMAT 2 to make sets of books in minutes.

FORMAT 1: original format. Manual book assembly. Takes about 7-8 sheets of paper and about a minute to make one book.

FORMAT 2: 5.5″ x 8.5″ pdf. For photocopiers with full booklet function enabled. Takes 4 double-sided sheets of paper to make one book. Class sets can be made in minutes (If your school doesn’t have the right copier, your school board’s printing department likely does).

We have worksheets to accompany many of our books in the first 6 levels. More accompanying handouts are currently being prepared for other levels.

We have new video-books of our new 18 levels coming on September 15th (2015). Students can listen to the books as they read along on the screen – or, mute the computer and read aloud, as the pages turn themselves on the screen. Videos can be watched both at school and at home, with an Internet connection. The existing 350+ video collection remains available.

We hope you enjoy all the new resources. Of course, there’s always more to come. Lots more to come!
We’ll have new books and handouts coming throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

Check out the new 18 levels of books here.


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New Books and Updates

We are working on having many new resources for the 2015/2016 school year.

we are primarly:
– replacing our current 7 series with 18 levels of reading difficulty
– adding approximately 100 new books
– making our books available in a 2nd, photocopier friendly format

All this and more. Please check back soon!