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Video layout improvements

We have made improvements to the way our videos are presented. When members login to the video site they will see the new layout.  Buttons at the bottom of the page are now much larger and better spaced, making it easy for students to use on small screens such as iPads. There are more thumbnails on the page, making videos easier to find and navigating from page to page minimal.  When members hover over a video thumbnail with the cursor, the video title will appear as well. We will soon make available reading logs / tracking lists for each level. These changes were made following teacher suggestions and so we would like to thank those teachers for taking the time to offer us feedback. We welcome all comments and suggestions for improving our site and resources!

After choosing a level, students are presented with the video thumbnails.  Large buttons at the bottom allow students to easily select another page.

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More Running Records

We have added more running records to levels Ananas –>Fourmi. There are at least 5 per level now. There are running records for the first 12 levels.  They can be found right next to the book download buttons.
More running records will be added to the remaining levels very soon. Merci!

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New handouts for level J

We have uploaded new handouts to accompany 21 of the books in level J. These include comprehension questions and short writing tasks. Once logged in you can find links to these next to the book download links.
More to come! Merci!

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New books on pollution


We have just added 45 new books on the topic of pollution. There is something in every reading level. Our newest books are at the top of each level / book list.

Plastic pollution is a growing concern and we hope that these books will spark further discussion. Students can see where plastic garbage is found and how these plastics are affecting birds and other animals. Oil spills are also the focus of several books, as is recycling.

Included are a couple lower level books on deforestation – we will be expanding on this topic soon.

There’s a new collection of books coming in the next 30 days as well. Please check back soon!

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Check out our new video books!

Our video books now have a visual cue on screen for students to match what they hear with the exact word on the screen.

 In lower levels there is a coloured circle around the spoken word.  In upper levels there is a cursor that follows the spoken words.

We have new SAMPLES where you can explore 18 of our books in both PDF and VIDEO format.

With a classroom license, teachers access both PDF and video resources. Their students can access the video books from home!

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New and updated books!


We have uploaded new versions of many of our books, improving such things as illustrations, font size and word spacing where needed. Some books have also been edited and placed in a new level. We have also added many, many new books as well as running records for our first 12 levels.  We now have over 125 books on the provinces and territories of Canada.

Over the next several weeks we will be uploading new versions of our video books as well. We will have a new great feature for the lower levels where students can follow a visual cue on the screen to match the words they hear with the text on the screen.

2018 will bring more great resources as well!



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New books on NFLD and Labrador

We have added 9 books on the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They can be found in the following levels: D(dauphin), E(échelle), F(forum), J(jumelles), L(libellule), M(moto) and N(nuage).

Visitors can preview the first 3 pages of all these books and license holders can now download these books from the members area.

The remaining provinces and territories (PEI, NB, NWT, YK) will be completed very soon.




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September 2017 update


This fall we will be finishing our Canada series – books and videos on all provinces and territories. We will also be adding running records. In addition, we will begin releasing new online, interactive quizzes based on our books.



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Saskatchewan: 9 new books

We have added 9 new books on the province of Saskatchewan. They are available for preview, and the full PDF books are available for download in the members’ area.  The matching video books aren’t quite ready but will be available soon.

Still to come, NFLD (next week), N-B, PEI, NWT and the Yukon.



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Alberta and Quebec books now available

We have added 12 books on Alberta and 11 books on Quebec for download.  The difficulty levels vary from B-Bateau to O-Oreilles. License holders can now access these books.  Visitors may preview the first 3 pages of all of these books.

Videos for these books will be available soon.

More to come soon!


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Ontario books available

We have added 12 books on the province of Ontario. These vary in reading level, from “Dauphin” (4th level) up to “Oreilles” (15th level).

Topics covered include:

Les animaux, les grandes villes, les Grands Lacs, les emblèmes, la géographie.

These are all available for preview and for download.

Video versions of these books will be available very soon.

More to come.  Merci!

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Provinces and territories….coming very soon!

We are currently working on a 100+ book series on the provinces and territories of Canada. It will be ready this fall!
These new books will come in a variety of reading levels and will cover topics such as the geography, the people and the various emblems of each province and territory. Merci!

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New books and video-books

We have added the following in both PDF and video-book formats:

Série Canard:
– Jérome le fantôme
– Oh, non!
– Un biscuit
– Je me cache
– Les abeilles

Série Dauphin:
– Se brosser les dents
– Les abeilles

Série Échelle:
– Cache-cache
– L’abeille

Série Fourmi:
– Les chiens

Série Hibou:
– Les abeilles

Série Jumelles:
– Les abeilles

Série Moto:
– Les abeilles

Série Quilles:
– Les abeilles

Série Livres à compléter:
– Grand et petit (lettre L)
– Combien de lamas? (lettre L)
– Les livres
– Mes suites
– Les suites
– La lettre F
– La lettre F
– F (fa, fe, fi, fo, fu)
– Les couleurs (lettre F)

We now have over 400 books, with a huge additional resource coming later this year!


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New resources!


We have just made available the following books for download:

-Les Actions
-De la viande
-Les dents
-Qui a faim?
-La lettre e (with accompanying handouts)
-La lettre è (with accompanying handouts)

-En hiver


-J’aime la neige


-Au restaurant


Livres À Compléter:
-Mon tigre
-Un serpent
-La souris
-Le serpent et la souris
-Combien de souris?
-Sa se si so su
-Ta te ti to tu
-Ma me mi mo mu
-La le li lo lu
-Le soleil
-Ma tête
-Ma bouche
-Dans mon jardin
-Combien de tortues?
-Combien de maisons?
-Grande et petite

Merci et bonne lecture!
More to come soon!

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Website improvements


We have just completed the move of our website to a new server. Users should notice a faster login process and faster loading of webpages.

More new resources are coming in October!

Bonne lecture,