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The video log handout is for students to track which books they have read.  The 3 columns represent:
1) listen to the video book (on a device)
2) read the book by myself (students could either read a physical copy of the book, or mute their device and read from the video)
3) read the book to the teacher/a peer.
The handouts present the videos in the same order that they are displayed on the screen, helping students to work their way through reading all the books of a particular level. When new books are added to a reading level, a new version of the last handout page will be uploaded.
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Our videos are hosted by Vimeo. Over the last several years they have never failed us!  However, of course it is possible that an issue arises. The Internet is full of surprises! If videos are not streaming, rest assured we will do everything we can to get things back up and running as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee that our videos will always work and that there will never be any unexpected downtime, however so far we haven’t had any issues.

One exception we know of is CHINA.  Due to the Chinese government’s internet censorship policy, our video books cannot be streamed in China! This is very disappointing for Chinese customers who contact us wishing to use our resources to learn French 🙁

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A video book is a version of our PDF books in video format. Students and teachers can watch the video of each levelled book by streaming it online. They can listen to the book being read aloud as the pages turn themselves, and follow a visual cue on the screen to match what they hear with the exact text on the screen. Teachers can also print all the books to make a classroom library.

If a student forgets to bring a book home, they can still login to the classroom account and read/listen to the same book online in video format.

If a student (or the parent!) isn’t sure how to pronounce a certain word, they can stream the video book to hear it being read aloud in French. A visual cue on the screen will help them know exactly what words they are hearing.

All levelled books come in PDF (for teachers to print) as well as video format and students can log in from both school and home to read in French anytime.

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No, the videos are all streamed online and so an Internet connection is required. They cannot be downloaded.

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Yes! Visit our samples page and you can view a video book for each level/sample.

Screen shots from level ANANAS:

Once logged in, students select a reading level or series.

 Each level opens in a new page, displaying the video thumbnails.

 Students select a video and it opens in a large frame.

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We have found that Google Chrome and Safari work well for logging in.  A few years ago we had some issues when using Internet Explorer so we recommend not using Internet Explorer to log in.

Once in a while we hear this, and so far every time it has been because parents and students are trying to log in to the video site from the wrong website. Parents and students must log in from  and not from  (teacher access only, different username and password). Please be sure to check with parents that they are logging in from the video site As all students in a class share the same username and password, it is extremely unlikely that it works for some but not for others.

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In addition to the videos of our books, we have available videos that focus on sounds for students to practice consonant/vowel blends (for example: sa,se,si,so,su).  These come in 3 speeds for students to practice reading sounds.  There are also word list videos available, where words flash on the screen for students to read or to listen to.

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At the moment all students in a class share an account so there is no online tracking available.

In September 2018 we will have available a number of tracking sheets / reading logs for teachers to print so that students can record which books they have read.

We are also working on a new system that will allow teachers to track their students’ progress and time spent online.

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Yes! Students can listen to the book being read while the pages turn themselves on the screen.  Students can stop, pause, fast forward or rewind and adjust the volume.

There is also a visual cue on the screen so students can follow along, matching what they hear to the text on the screen.

Of course, students can also mute their device and read aloud, following the visual cue on the screen.

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Yes! They will work well on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc., provided you are connected to the Internet.

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Teachers from the same school share a username and password and log in to the same account from  This is for teachers only and provides access to all books and handouts in PDF.

Students accessing the videos share an account with their classmates and login from  Teachers can share this with students so that students can access the videos from school or home or both.

Screenshot of where students log in. Ensure it says LIVRESVIDEO.NET in browser for students to log in and access videos.


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