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Purchasing a license (5)

No, sorry.  To access and use any of our resources you must purchase a Lecture Enfant 12 month license. With the purchase of a license, the teacher may access and use any of the PDF and video resources with their class for 12 months. Please note our resources are copyright protected and licensed for use.

Yes! We have a number of full book PDF and video samples so that you can sample each level and series.  With the samples and the ability to preview the first 3 pages of every book you should get a good sense of what we have to offer.

Here are the complete book samples in both PDF and VIDEO format.

Sorry, all credit card transactions must be done online by the card holder. This helps us keep the cost of a license as low as possible and focus on creating new resources.

Your first step is to complete the online registration form.

After this, proceed with one of 3 payment options:

  1. Online credit card payment through Paypal
  2. Mail in a school cheque
  3. Email or fax us a purchase order.

Your license will be activated and account information emailed to the school contact once we have received either the online payment, a cheque in the mail or a purchase order.

Visit the How to Pay page.

All licenses are for 12 months. Prices are also shown on the registration form. Prices in CAD.

  • 1-2 classroom licenses = $120
  • 3 classroom licenses  =  $180
  • 4 classroom licenses = $240
  • 5 classroom licenses = $300
  • 6 classroom licenses = $360
  • 7 classroom licenses = $420
  • 8 classroom licenses = $480
  • 9 classroom licenses = $540
  • 10 classroom licenses =$600
  • 11 classroom licenses = $650
  • 12 classroom licenses = $700
  • 13 classroom licenses = $750
  • 14 classroom licenses = $800
  • 15 classroom licenses = $850
  • over  15 classrooms = please contact us

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