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First, log in to your account. Once logged in, you should see an ADD TO CART button for each resource. Select the products you would like to download by adding them to your shopping cart.

Once you have added something to your shopping cart, click on VIEW CART and on CHECK OUT. Next, you must check the box to agree to the terms and click on PLACE ORDER. The page will now load with download links for all the products you had in your shopping cart. Clicking on any download link will force download the file to your device.

Any book specific handouts will automatically be available for download as well.


Many of our books come with a handout. You can see if a certain book has a handout by selecting a book and reading the description. You can also do a search, such as “canard handout” to see all the books in that level that come with handouts.

Yes! There are running records available for each of the 18 levels.  To find them, simply type “running record” or “evaluation de lecture” into the search box. To find running records for a specific level, type the level name as well into the search box. For example, ananas running record will bring up the running records for level Ananas.

There are 18 levels of books, starting with level ANANAS and ending with level ROSE DES VENTS. Each level is in alphabetical order (Ananas, Bateau, Canard, etc…)

There is also a series of math books, a Livres à Compléter series of books for the youngest learners as well as a vocabulary series.

All of the books in the 18 levels are available to the teacher in PDF format as well as video format. With a license, a teacher’s students can access the books in video format from both school and home. As they stream the video books, students can listen to the book being read and follow a visual cue on the screen to match what they hear with the text on the screen.

Many of the books in the 18 levels include a handout as well. When you preview a book that has a handout, you will see in the book description that a handouts available.


Yes! We have a number of full book PDF and video samples so that you can sample each level and series.  With the samples and the ability to preview the first 3 pages of every book you should get a good sense of what we have to offer.

Here are the complete book samples in both PDF and VIDEO format.

This is more a function of our E-commerce website, where each book is a product available for download. Once you have purchased a license, all products are available for download at no extra cost. Individual books are not available for purchase.

We have found that Google Chrome and Safari work well for logging in.  A few years ago we had some issues when using Internet Explorer so we recommend not using Internet Explorer to log in.

Our PDF books come in two formats.

Format 1: it takes about a minute to make each book.

  1. Print all pages.
  2. Fold all pages down the middle, with text /illustrations on the outside
    (tip: fold all pages together once entire book is printed).
  3. Remove cover page and put to the side.
  4. Separate all other pages (keeping them folded with fold on the right side and page ends on left side) and put these folded pages in proper order, starting with the first sheet of folded paper (inside cover page on front, page 1 on back) and ending with the last sheet of paper (last book page on front, vocabulary list on back).
  5. Once stack of folded pages are in order, place them all together inside book cover page (folded sides out and page ends inside).
  6. Staple through book cover into page ends (3 or 4 staples).
  • If you laminate the book covers these books will last a long time!
  • Here is a quick video demonstration showing a book being assembled.

Format 2: this format is for copier machines that have a booklet function enabled. These are 8.5″ x 5.5″ pages and machines will print, fold and staple books. If your school machine doesn’t do this, you board’s printing department likely does. This format was made in consultation with several school board printing departments. These books are not as sturdy as they are printed double sided.  However you can produce a class set in minutes.

Yes! Use the search box on each page to find specific books. For example, if you were looking for books on animals in level Fourmi(6), just enter ANIMAUX and FOURMI into the search box. You should use French keywords when searching.

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