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Here are the Lecture Enfant terms and conditions which you must agree to in order to purchase a license. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Your privacy is important to us! Here is our privacy policy.

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Each teacher using Lecture Enfant resources is required to have her/his own classroom license. Your license is for you to use with your class and cannot be shared outside of your classroom community.

Your students may access the videos from both school and home. Your classroom video account is only for the students of your class. You may not share your teacher account details with others who do not have a valid Lecture Enfant license.

Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

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As a teacher with a Lecture Enfant license, you get the following:

  • 12 months of access and use of all resources for your classroom, including:
  • a teacher account to log in and download all books and handouts that Lecture Enfant offers                           (18 levels of books – many with book specific handouts, a math series, a vocabulary series, a Livres à Compléter series, all in PDF format)
  • a student video account (shared by all students in your class) for your students to log in from both school and home to access all levelled books in video format


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Tutors may purchase a 1 classroom license for tutoring purposes.  Tutors can register using the main registration form (same as for teachers).

Parents wishing to help their child/children have 2 options. 1) Purchase a private video license, which provides access to all videos (no PDF resources)  or  2) Purchase a private full license for access to both video and PDF resources for their household.  To purchase either type of private 1 household license please use this  private license registration form.

Teachers from the same school share a username and password and log in to the same account from  This is for teachers only and provides access to all books and handouts in PDF.

Students accessing the videos share an account with their classmates and login from  Teachers can share this with students so that students can access the videos from school or home or both.

Screenshot of where students log in. Ensure it says LIVRESVIDEO.NET in browser for students to log in and access videos.


The target audience is K-6 French immersion classrooms as well as all core French classes.

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Yes, all resources (PDF books, handouts, videos etc…) are copyright materials and an active license is required to use them.

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To view the PDF resources you will need a PDF viewer (free) such as from Adobe.

To view video books you need an internet connection. Videos are not downloaded, they are streamed online.

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No, all PDF resources are found only in the teacher account and students may not access this account. Students may stream the video books online from both school and home by logging in to the shared classroom video account.

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Only teachers have access to the PDF resources. Students may not access the teacher account. Students may access the shared video account for streaming books from school and home.

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Currently there are over 550 books spread over 18 levels of difficulty. These are both in PDF and in VIDEO format. In addition to this, there are over 130 other books (math, vocabulary, “Livres à Compléter”) included as well.

Several hundred books also come with an activity sheet.

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A license is valid for 12 months from purchase (not a school year).

Category: About a license

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