Lecture Enfant was created by a teaching team specifically for the primary French Immersion classroom.  Our books and videos are also well suited for primary / junior core French classrooms as well as primary francophone school classrooms.

Our books are not translations. They are the result of over a decade of direct teaching experience with students in primary / junior French Immersion and core French programs. The vocabulary, language structures and length of our books have been specifically chosen to reflect the reading capabilities and expectations of these students.

Lecture Enfant provides teachers with a very practical resource: short books, videos and related activities for their young French learners. A school license permits teachers to use these resources, which we are confident will interest young readers and enrich their learning of the French language.

New Resources

Lecture Enfant strives to continuously add to and improve its resources.  You can expect Lecture Enfant to be constantly adding new resources.

For updates since September, 2015, please visit our NEWS page.


  •  2015 – we are working on a new 18 level series of books for the 2015/2016 school year.
  • October/November, 2014: Our October new resources were delayed (technical issue) but we now have them available. For October and November, we have added a total of 25 new videos: 11 Série 1 video-books, 9 Série 2 video-books, 3 Série 3 video-books and 2 Série 4 video-books.
  • September, 2014: We have added 5 new books this month. 3 into Série 1 (Aujourd’hui, Petit, Trop mignon), 1 into Série 2 (Maman et bébé 2) and 1 into Série 4 (Comme c’est mignon.).
  • August, 2014: We have added 9 new books this month. 1 into série 1 (Les jeux), 2 into série 2 (Les triangles, Les jeux) and 6 into the Livres À Compléter séries (Comment ça va?, Les habits, Les vêtements, etc…).
  • July, 2014: For July we have added 12 new books to our collection, including four in Série 1, five in Série 2, two in Série 3 and one in Série 4.
  • June, 2014: We have added 13 new videos to our collection, including 5 more lists of sight words (16 in total), 3 videos to Série 2, 2 videos to Série 3 and 1 video to each of Série 4, Série 6 and Série 7. As of June 30th, we have had over 30,000 video plays in 2014 alone! Way to go French readers!
  • May, 2014: We have added 5 new books into série 1 (2 books), série 2 (1 book), série 3 (1 book) and série 4 (1 book).
  • April, 2014: We have added 5 new books into série 1 (1 book), série 2 (2 books) and série 3 (2 books).
  • March, 2014: 7 new books, one in each of series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. All seven of these books are based on the same topic (Les oiseaux). Corresponding videos have also been added to the video collection!
  • February, 2014: 5 new books, one in each of series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Check out the wonderful photography in the previews of the series 2 and 3 new books!
  • 2014: In 2014, we will be adding new resources each and every month! Please check back each month for new resources.
  • December 2013, January 2014: Over 275 books for download, 340 videos to stream online. Included is a new set of rhyming books perfect for chanting and memorizing with young French learners.
  • September, 2013: New book SERIES!  Livres à Reproduire: Série 6  and Série 7.
  • September, 2013: Video-books! Over 300 videos to stream online are now available!
  • June 15th, 2013: Over 225 books, over 225 pages of book specific handouts.
  • March 15th, 2013: Over 200 books, over 200 pages of book specific handouts.  NEW SERIES!  Livres de mathématiques: a new series of math books to reinforce primary math concepts.
  • December 15th, 2012: Over 175 books, over 175 pages of book specific handouts.  NEW SERIES!  Livres à Compléter:  a new series of very simple books for children to customize with illustrations and/or simple text.
  • September 15th, 2012: Over 150 books, over 150 pages of book specific handouts.