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Lecture Enfant is pleased to offer schools our Livres À Reproduire collection, a classroom resource designed specifically for early French immersion and primary / junior core French classes.

With an active school license, eligible teachers at one school may download as many books as they like and as many copies of each book as they like, to use in their class. There are also hundreds of book specific handouts to enrich the reading experiences of your students.

The Livres à Reproduire collection currently has over 275 books spread over seven levels of difficulty.

Browse through the links in the main menu to learn more about Lecture Enfant and how our Livres à Reproduire collection can be used in your school.



Teachers often tell us they use our books as a great reading resource to send home with their students, as they are inexpensive, sturdy and easy to make. Furthermore, they are the perfect length to promote an additional, enjoyable reading experience at home. With a bin for each series, students can begin at their level and progress through the levels of difficulty, building their vocabulary and reading fluency.

Do you have a Smartboard? If so, our books make for a great interactive lesson. Have students circle words, letters, or sounds. Model how to complete a book from our Livres À Compléter series (for youngest readers), or solve math problems together using one of the books from our math series.