Level 1

Book Format 1

These are 8.5″ x 11″ PDF pages that are printed single-sided onto 8.5″ x 11.0″ paper and will require manual book assembly. You can read instructions here or a watch a demo video to learn more. This is the original version and it takes about one minute to assemble a book.

Book Format 2

These are 5.5″ x 8.5″ PDF pages suited for photocopiers that have a full booklet function enabled. These photocopiers will print, fold and staple booklets onto 4 double-sided pages (8.5″ x 11″). If your school copier cannot do this, there is a good chance your school board’s print department has a photocopier that will do this. This format was created with the advice of several school board print departments.


Please note that ALL of our complete books are available for download in both formats.

Preview Level 1 - Ananas

Book TitleFormat 1Format 2Handouts
Oui !preview
Les autospreview
La pollutionpreview
La pollutionpreview
La pollutionpreview
J'aimepreviewRunning Record available
Il y a previewRunning Record available
Grand et petitpreviewRunning Record available
Les animauxpreviewRunning Record available
Les animaux de la Colombie - Britanniquepreview
Me vois-tu?preview
La lettre Èpreview10+ pages
La lettre Epreview10+ pages
Qui a faim?preview
Les dentspreview
De la viandepreview
Les actionspreview
Le son oupreview10+ pages
Le son onpreview10+ pages
Le son oipreview10+ pages
Le son inpreview10+ pages
Les sons eupreview
Le son eaupreview10+ pages
Le son chpreview10+ pages
Le son aupreview10+ pages
W, X, Y, Zpreview10+ pages
La lettre Vpreview10+ pages
La lettre Upreview10+ pages
La lettre Tpreview10+ pages
La lettre Spreview10+ pages
La lettre Rpreview10+ pages
La lettre Qpreview10+ pages
La lettre Ppreview10+ pages
La lettre Opreview10+ pages
La lettre Npreview10+ pages
La lettre Mpreview10+ pages
La lettre Lpreview10+ pages
La lettre Kpreview10+ pages
La lettre Jpreview10+ pages
La lettre Ipreview10+ pages
La lettre Hpreview10+ pages
La lettre Gpreview10+ pages
La lettre Fpreview10+ pages
La lettre Épreview10+ pages
La lettre Dpreview10+ pages
La lettre Cpreview10+ pages
La lettre Bpreview10+ pages
La lettre Apreview10+ pages
GrandpreviewRunning Record available
Qui aime les fleurs?preview
Qui a peur de ma soeur?preview
Sa, son, sespreview
Qu'est-ce qui est rouge?preview1 page
Qu'est-ce qui est jaune?preview1 page
Mon sport préférépreview
Ma famillepreview1 page
Les outilspreview
Les animaux de la fermepreview1 page
Encore au zoopreview1 page
DeuxpreviewRunning Record available
Comment ça va?preview1 page
Running Record available
Toc, tocpreview
Ta, ton, tespreview
Ma, mon, mespreview
Les animaux de l'Afriquepreview
Je veuxpreviewpreview
Au zoopreviewpreview1 page


Série: Livres À Compléter

This collection of books is best suited for kindergarten and grade 1 students. These books are great for a weekly routine and for adding to reading boxes. They are also a great activity to do with reading buddies. Students practice reading, writing, cutting and pasting to make these books. Illustrations and missing words are provided for students to cut and paste. Many of these books have up to four variations to choose from.
For all of these books, students will first complete the books and then cut the pages along the center, dotted line. Pages are then stapled together to make the book.

Book Title 
La lettre Apreview
La lettre Bpreview
La lettre Dpreview
La lettre Fpreview
La lettre Fpreview coming
La lettre Fpreview coming
F (fa, fe, fi, fo, fu)preview coming
La lettre Gpreview
La lettre Lpreview
Combien de lamas? (lettre L)preview coming
Grand et petit (lettre L)preview coming
Les livres (lettre L)preview coming
L (la, le, li, lo, lu)preview coming
La lettre Mpreview
Combien de maisons? (lettre M)preview coming
La lettre Mpreview coming
M (ma, me, mi, mo, mu)preview coming
Grande et Petite (lettre M)preview coming
La lettre Spreview
La souris (lettre S)preview coming
Un serpent (lettre S)preview coming
Combien de souris? (lettre S)preview coming
Le serpent et la souris (lettre S)preview coming
La lettre Tpreview
Combien de tortues? (lettre T)preview coming
T (ta, te, ti, to, tu)preview coming
Mon tigre (lettre T)preview coming
Le son CHpreview
Le son ONpreview
Le son OIpreview
Comment ça va?preview
Au magasin de vêtementspreview
Les habitspreview
Les habits (2)preview
Maman achètepreview
À droite, à gauchepreview
À la fermepreview
C'est l'Halloweenpreview
C'est l'Halloween (2)preview
Je mange des bonbonspreview
Les chatspreview
Les chienspreview
Les fruits rougespreview
Oui ou nonpreview
Plus grand, plus petitpreview
Sur la tablepreview
Sous la tablepreview
Les écureuils mangentpreview
Les feuillespreview
Le soleilpreview coming
Ma têtepreview coming
Ma bouchepreview coming
Dans mon jardinpreview coming
Les suitespreview coming
Mes suitespreview coming
Les couleurspreview coming

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