Some questions and answers that may be useful

What does Lecture Enfant offer?

We offer a growing collection (currently over 500) of short, leveled books in both printable and video formats for classroom teachers.  Print and use as much as you like with a classroom license.  Let your students watch and listen to the same books online at home. This resource is intended for primary French immersion classrooms and would also be useful in primary and junior core French classrooms.

How do I get started?

Get started by submitting the registration form. Payment can be made online or by school cheque or EFT.

How much does it cost?

Please see the registration form for different pricing options.

I am a parent/tutor.  Can I purchase a license?

Parents may purchase a private Lecture Enfant license to access our video books for 12 months. Tutors may purchase a 1-2 classroom Lecture Enfant license for tutoring up to 30 students. All Lecture Enfant resources are copyright materials used under license.  Each parent/tutor using Lecture Enfant resources must hold a valid license with Lecture Enfant.

How do I make the books?

Our books come in two formats.  For Format 1, we have some instructions, and it is very easy.  Simply print, fold and staple pages together!  It should take less than a minute to assemble one book. Format 2 is made for photocopiers that have the booklet function enabled.  These copiers will print, fold and staple our books onto 4 double-sided sheets. allowing class sets to be made in minutes.

How might I use this resource?

There are many ways to use these books.  Some examples include an independent, partner or guided reading center, or a home reading program.

Do you have a Smartboard? If so, our books make a great interactive lesson. Have students circle words, letters, or sounds.

Our online videos are ideal for a listening centre as well as for additional home reading support. Students can listen to our video-books and challenge themselves through the different levels of reading skills videos.

Is a license required to use these resources?

Yes.  All Lecture Enfant resources are copyright materials used under license.  Each classroom teacher using Lecture Enfant printable resources must hold a valid classroom license. A license can be purchased through the main menu (see REGISTER).

Who can login to access the resources?

Only teachers with a license may login to their classroom/school teacher account to access printable resources.
Students may login to their classroom video account (only) to access videos from both school and home.

How do I pay?

After completing the registration form, you can select to either pay online with a credit card (through Paypal), have Lecture Enfant invoice your school for payment by cheque or EFT, or send us a purchase order.

What software do I need to view the resources?

All Lecture Enfant printable resources are downloaded in PDF, therefore you will need a pdf reader, such as Adobe pdf reader (free) to view our resources. You will need an Internet connection to watch the videos.